Maliki menyampaikan ucapan di @WCY2014 – Teks / Video

Berikut adalah ucapan Presiden MBM, Sdr. Mohamed Maliki Mohamed Rapiee di World Conference on Youth 2014 (WCY2014).

Honoroble ministers, guest and host committee.

Respective delegates & participants.

Hello and Selamat Pagi!

Greetings from Malaysia.
‘Malaysia Truly Asia’

The youth of Malaysia have a critical role to play in the country’s effort to achieve the status of a fully developed country by the year 2020.Malaysia’s development plan, known as Vision 2020, aims to develop all aspects of the country including national unity, social cohesion, economy, social justice, political stability, system of government, quality of life, social and spiritual values and national pride and confidence.

Malaysia has total population of 28 million people and the youth covered 12.8 million of them.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Youth development in Malaysia is managed primarily by three major organizations: the National Youth Consultative Council; the Ministry of Youth and Sports; and the Malaysian Youth Council.

I) The National Youth Consultative Council (NYCC), formed in 1972, is the principal body responsible for youth policy formulation in Malaysia. Chaired by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The objectives of the NYCC are:
-To monitor the implementation of the National Youth Policy
-To advise the Minister of Youth and Sports in formulating policies on issues related to youth development
-To act as a consultative and advisory body for youth organizations and the State Youth Consultative Councils;and
-To coordinate the planning and activities of all youth organizations and the State Youth Consultative Councils.

The NYCC convenes twice a year to discuss reports submitted from the participating members as well as other topics of interest.

II) The Malaysian Youth Council is a Non-governmental Organization, established in 1948 and one of the earliest countries in the world to own national youth council. MYC is the coordinating body of youth organizations in Malaysia which main concern is to express the nation’s youth voices to the government and relevant agencies,locally and internationally.It plays an active role in monitoring the implementation of the National Youth Policy as well as in the policy formulation process through the NYCC.

MYC work hand in hand with all actors to empower Malaysian youth to a higher level through
i) advocacy system
ii)youth led programs
iii)national and international partnership

Ladies and gentlemen,

As Malaysia is also working hard in building young people, Several youth development programmes have been implemented by the Government, NGOs and the private sector during the period of the current Malaysia Plan.Efforts have been made to strengthen the management and implementation capacity of public sector agencies responsible for youth development in order to ensure that programmes are effectively implemented.The role of youth organizations is to be broadened, particularly to promote the spirit of voluntarism among youth.

An ongoing healthy lifestyle programme is the Rakan Muda (Young Friends), 1M4U (1Malaysia 4 Youth) programme that is aimed at providing options for youth to practice a healthy lifestyle and to utilize their free time productively.

MaGIC (Malaysia Global Innovation & Creativity Centre) as part of the Government’s latest effort to enhance entrepreneurship for youth.

1Malaysia Entrepreneurship programme (1Met), were also created to accelerate the growth of 5,000 young entrepreneurs annually.

1Youth 1Skill (1B1K) is design to cater the left-out youth to be involved in skill training programs and the youth will has a higher potential to be employed.

Recently,Malaysian Youth Council has been shortlisted to join the Global Partnership for Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda,which organized by the UN Secretary General Envoy on Youth.It is the initiatives taken to ensure that young people are actively participating towards a sustainable development.

At regional level, youth in Malaysia is progressively promoting ASEAN Community 2015.ASEAN is involving the youth in numerous negotiations and meetings to emphasized on the importance of youth participation Towards ASEAN Community 2015.

In conclusion, i hope youth will create opportunities instead of violence. Its crucial to position youth in framing the world we want for future.When youth is benefited,the nation is in safer hand.

Thank you.





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