Malaysian Youth Council to get RM5mil annual grant from this year

PORT DICKSON: The Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) will receive a RM5mil annual allocation from this year, says Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

The Prime Minister said the allocation was to enable the body to carry out programmes and cover administrative costs.

“Since MBM has given its commitment to support the Malaysia Madani concept, I hereby announce a RM5mil annual allocation to the body.

“MBM is special as its affiliates come from all regions, associations, sectors, rural and urban areas, races and religions.

“MBM has also remained strong and united and has shown a commitment to support national unity,” he said at the launch of the National Youth Day here.

Anwar, who was MBM president when he was 24, said he had learned a lot when he was in youth organisations.

He said it was during his time that MBM had asked the government under the leadership of Tun Abdul Razak to set up the Malaysian Youth Consultative Council under the then Culture, Youth and Sports Ministry and to mark May 15 as Hari Belia.

“It brings back nostalgia. I made many friends from many organisations who have remained close till this day. Through our association in MBM, we have learned from one another and have remained respectful despite our differences as we are all God’s creation,” he said.

Anwar said his government was prepared to consider views of the youth and even implement them if they were suitable and workable.

He reminded the youth not to be easily manipulated.

“You may be young but you should never allow yourself to be used by others who are older, including politicians,” he said, adding that some people were bent on using race or religion to create problems.

Anwar said the youth should also share their thoughts on important national matters such as the national debt which stood at RM1.5 trillion.

“Who is going to pay this debt? Why isn’t MBM asking these questions? If the monies had only been used to open industrial estates, build roads, it is all right.

“Sadly, this is not the case as some of it was stolen, including from flood mitigation projects, Jana Wibawa programme and even electricity,” he said, adding that his government was prepared to discuss sensitive issues with MBM should the need arise.





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