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Media Statement : Malaysia Youth Council Expresses Concern Over The OnGoing Humanitarian Crisis In Venezuela





Venezuela is currently going through one of the worst humanitarian crises in Latin America in recent history. To understand the situation, we must first understand how it got there in the first place. In late 2014, the global oil price had dropped by more than half and this had devastated the Venezuelan economy which had depended heavily on oil. Hyperinflation then ensued and their currency, the Venezuelan Bolivar plummeted in value drastically. This lead to the price of food, medicine and other basic needs to skyrocket causing it to be unaffordable which lead to extreme food and medicine shortages. 

More than 3 million Venezuelans have fled abroad to escape worsening conditions seeking to improve their circumstances. Many now live in public areas, beaches, tents or makeshift shelters in other countries. To get by, they either sell sweets or offer services on the streets and because of this, countless are exploited. Some are pulled into drug-trafficking or forced to offer sexual services including other degrading options and for them, who are victims of the situation, to suffer through humiliation and stripped of their dignity is a severe violation of their human rights. 

Furthermore, their right to healthcare is just as violated as hospitals back in Venezuela are unable to operate due to shortage of medicine and staff. It is reported that about 13,000 doctors are among those who have fled the country. There are people to cross the borders and purchase the medicines only to come back into Venezuela to deliver them to their family members. The situation is extremely dire and it will only get worse if it continues to persists. 

MBM, strictly maintaining its core values in the fact that it is non-partisan, expresses its concern over the humanitarian crisis that is plaguing the country of Venezuela. The number of human rights that are jeopardized over the course of the last few years is truly unprecedented. While MBM applaud the exemplary efforts exhibited by the neighboring countries and non-government-organizations to aid the Venezuelans affected, we must also understand that these efforts are already stretched to its limit and it does not provide any clear solution to the underlying problem. 

Added with the fact that the funds required to sustain these aids are insufficient, it is crucial that we provide any help where we possibly can. MBM welcomes any and all effort from the global citizens under the spirit of peace and prosperity to help the Venezuelan people in need just as we did with the people of Palestine, Syria, Rohingya and Uyghur.

MBM would like to urge the United Nations and its international instruments to aggresively deal with this crisis.


President of

Malaysia Youth Council

Date        : 18th February 2019

Tel           : (017) 353 362

Email       : jufitri1979@gmail.com

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