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Chance to win program grant RM7,000 + RM1,000 : Action Project Competition

About the competition

Your Action Project Competition (APC) is an opportunity to develop innovative ideas and projects to create positive change in local community.

APC aims to empower young people to take the  initiative in social innovation and become pioneers in building a harmonious and sustainable society.

Project criteria

Project must have problem statement & solution and must adhere to the following principles :

1 | Benefit comunity
2 | Youth created and youth led
3 | Clear, attainable and measurable goals
4 | Realistic budget
5 | Sustainable project (not a one time event)
* The action project either in planning stage  or ongoing project.
* The action-project proposal can be   submitted in English or Malay.


Who can participate?

You are eligible to enter, if:

1| Malaysian, age between 18 to 30 years old

2| Have an innovative idea or project which  contributes to the sustainable development of   your community, in a field such as:
|    Social Development
|    Economic Development
|    Environment Development


3| Submit the action project as individual  OR      in a group not more than five (5) people


1st      |     RM 1,000 + Program grant RM 7,000
2nd    |     RM 1,000 + Program grant RM 5,000
3rd     |     RM 1,000 + Program grant RM 3,000

The most innovative & creative project   |   RM 1,500
The most popular project
(base on youtube like)                                |   RM 1,500
for more info, please click an image below



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