Listen : Young People as a Force for Change in a World with AIDS

Title:      Listen : Young People as a Force for Change in a World with AIDS
Categories:      Sains Sosial
No Perolehan:      000130
Authors:      United Nations and United Nations Association Malaysia
ISBN:      9833055001
Publisher:      United Nations
Publication date:      2003
  Number of pages:      99
Language:      Bahasa Inggeris
Description:      In July 2003, the United Nation (UN) in collaboration with the United Nations of Malaysia (UNAM) organised an essay competition for young people with the theme “Young People as a Force for Change in a World with AIDS”. The competition aimed to challenge young Malaysians to think about their role in the response to HIV/AIDS in Malaysia. 

LISTEN is a compilation of the best 30 essays covering topics ranging from the economic and social impact of HIV/AIDS to the role of young people in eradicating stigma and discrimination towards HIV/AIDS. Selected by a distinguished panel of judges, the essays present an interesting account of the views of young Malaysians with regards to HIV/AIDS and the issues surrounding the epidemic.



The State of Youth Policy in 2014

Title:      The State of Youth Policy in 2014
Categories:      Sains Sosial
ISBN:      9783944859019
Publisher:      Youth Policy Press
Publication date:      2014
Number of pages:      83
Language:      Bahasa Inggeris
Rating:      0
Picture:      state_youth_policy_2014_cover

The State of Youth Policy in 2014 Full Download 10mb

Description:      As of April 2014, of 198 countries, 122 countries (62%) have a national youth policy, up from 99 (50%) in 2013. Across all continents, 37 states (19%) are either developing a new or revising their current youth policy, down from 56 (28%) in 2013. 31 countries have no national youth policy at the moment (16%), down from 43 (22%) in 2013. Of those, 15 are in Africa, 9 in Asia, 5 in the Americas, and 3 in Europe.


Call of Culture

Title:      Call of Culture
Authors:      Richard Mooney
Publication date:      2014
Number of pages:      39
Language:      Bahasa Inggeris
Picture:      call of culture 1

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Description:      Weaved throughout the world, fabrics, textiles and clothes reflect the cultual richness, innovative artistry and creativity from different places. Handmade textiles are part of world heritage, and in an increasing world of technology they are a reminder of the finer items in our cultures.

Many cultures take great pride in their textile and fabrics industry, and for some countries, they are integral to their national economic output. Some fabrics cost millions of dollars, while others are very cheap, the price varies differently depending on a variety of factors.

There are so many different weaves in the world and too many for us to give you a complete global overview! But in this volume we hope to provide you with a snapshot. From China to Italy, USA to Scotland and Sri Lanka, we bring you insights into fabrics and textiles from around the world.

We hope you enjoy it!

Call of Culture Team

Gagasan 1Malaysia: Kreativiti & Inovasi Dalam Pembinaan Peradaban

Title:      Gagasan 1Malaysia: Kreativiti & Inovasi Dalam Pembinaan Peradaban
Categories:      Sains Sosial
No Perolehan:      000589
Authors:      Mohd. Yusof Haji Othman
ISBN:      9789671070444
Publisher:      Akademi Kenegaraan BTN
Publication date:      2012
Number of pages:      111
Language:      Bahasa Melayu
Rating:      0
Description:      Buku ini mengenai kreativiti dan inovasi amat penting dalam kehidupan kita di dunia ini. Mereka yang tidak kreatif dan inovatif akan menjadi mangsa kepada mereka yang kreatif. Untuk memastikan pembangunan negara yang mapan dengan kemajuan yang berterusan, agenda meningkatkan kreativiti dan inovasi melalui penggunaan sains dan teknologi, dengan penghayatan kepada nilai-nilai agama dan budaya yang terpuji mesti dibangunkan. Pembangunan daya kreativiti dan inovasi akan lebih banyak mendatangkan kemudaratan daripada kebaikan sekiranya kita tidak berusaha melahirkan insane yang bertanggungjawab dengan tuhannya berdasarkan ajaran agama dan budaya yang murni. Agama dan budaya mesti diusahakan agar ia memandu semua kegiatan yang bersifat kreatif dan inovatif, terutamanya dalam bidang sains dan teknologi.