The Monday Morning Feeling: A Book of Comfort for Sufferers

Title:      The Monday Morning Feeling: A Book of Comfort for Sufferers
No Perolehan:      000239
Authors:      Joep P.M. Schrijvers
ISBN:      9789812618115
Publisher:      Cyan Communications
Publication date:      2005
Number of pages:      173
Language:      Bahasa Inggeris
Picture:      mm
Description:      The sinking-stomach sensation that signals the beginning of a new workweek is the feeling at the core of this humorous but serious examination of the lives of the white-collar working class. A clever look at office life, this guide offers comfort and understanding to the modern office worker while exploring the four emotions—sorrow, fear, disgust, and anger—at the root of Monday morning frustrations. Hilarious cartoon illustrations that poke fun at the average workday, merciless employers, cunning colleagues, and the endless pursuit of money are also included.


Body Language

Title:      Body Language
No Perolehan:      000588
Authors:      Shelly Hagen
ISBN:      9781446301418
Publisher:      David & Charles
Publication date:      2011
Number of pages:      271
Language:      Bahasa Inggeris
Picture:      588
Description:      These are handy, accessible books that provide literally all the information you need to know to gain a new hobby or understand a difficult topic. It’s believed that over 50 per cent of human communication is lost without body language. However, this book is your ticket to understanding people, whether at home, work or even on a date! It includes everything from how to detect a liar, display self-confidence, identify hostile or aggressive behaviour and even digital and online body language. Is my boyfriend telling me the truth about where he was last night? How can I show my boss that I’m ready for a promotion? Let the body language experts show you how.

The ‘Allah’ Controversy and Other Essays on Malaysian Hypermodernity

Title:      The ‘Allah’ Controversy and Other Essays on Malaysian Hypermodernity
Categories:      Falsafah & Psikologi
No Perolehan:      000313
Authors:      Azly Rahman
ISBN:      9789675832802
Publisher:      SIRD
Publication date:      2013
Number of pages:      270
Language:      Bahasa Melayu
Rating:      0

The ‘Allah’ Controversy and Other Essays on Malaysian Hypermodernity

The ‘Allah’ Controversy and Other Essays on Malaysian Hypermodernity

Description:      Dr. Azly Rahman is one of Malaysia’s intellectual hopes for the future. Although he currently resides in the United States his heart and mind is still very much in Malaysia, as this volume testifies to. In this collection, he is able to delve deeply into Malaysian consciousness and skilfully peel away each cultural layer to uncover the Malaysian psyche in a way never understood before, exposing our accepted national narratives for what they really are. A true patriot with hope and optimism about the future, Dr. Azly offers a framework for looking at some of the most pressing problems facing Malaysian society today. This volume will help every Malaysian think about what kind of Malaysia they all want for their children.

On Second Thought: Outsmarting Your Mind’s Hard-Wired Habits

Title:      On Second Thought: Outsmarting Your Mind’s Hard-Wired Habits
Categories:      Falsafah & Psikologi
No Perolehan:      000266
Authors:      Wray Herbert
ISBN:      9780307461636
Publisher:      Crown Publishers
Publication date:      2010
Edition:      1st ed.
Number of pages:      289
Language:      English
Rating:      0

On Second Thought: Outsmarting Your Mind's Hard-Wired Habits

On Second Thought: Outsmarting Your Mind’s Hard-Wired Habits

Description:      Our lives are composed of millions of choices, ranging from trivial to life-changing and momentous. Luckily, our brains have evolved a number of mental shortcuts, biases, and tricks that allow us to quickly negotiate this endless array of decisions. We don’t want to rationally deliberate every choice we make, and thanks to these cognitive rules of thumb, we don’t need to.

Yet these hard-wired shortcuts, mental wonders though they may be, can also be perilous. They can distort our thinking in ways that are often invisible to us, leading us to make poor decisions, to be easy targets for manipulators…and they can even cost us our lives.

The truth is, despite all the buzz about the power of gut-instinct decision-making in recent years, sometimes it’s better to stop and say, “On second thought . . .”

The trick, of course, lies in knowing when to trust that instant response, and when to question it. In On Second Thought, acclaimed science writer Wray Herbert provides the first guide to achieving that balance.  Drawing on real-world examples and cutting-edge research, he takes us on a fascinating, wide-ranging journey through our innate cognitive traps and tools, exposing the hidden dangers lurking in familiarity and consistency; the obstacles that keep us from accurately evaluating risk and value; the delusions that make it hard for us to accurately predict the future; the perils of the human yearning for order and simplicity; the ways our fears can colour our very perceptions . . . and much more.

Along the way, Herbert reveals the often-bizarre cross-connections these shortcuts have secretly ingrained in our brains, answering such questions as why jury decisions may be shaped by our ancient need for cleanliness; what the state of your desk has to do with your political preferences; why loneliness can literally make us shiver; how drawing two dots on a piece of paper can desensitize us to violence… and how the very typeface on this page is affecting your decision about whether or not to buy this book.

Ultimately, On Second Thought is both a captivating exploration of the workings of the mind and an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to learn how to make smarter, better judgements every day.