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YouthIdeas – Engaging Malaysian Youth Community for SDG Project Implementation

Setiawangsa 17 Mac –  Roundtable “YouthIdeas” which discussed the topic of “Engaging for SDG Malaysian Youth Community Project Implementation”, held successfully in JCI Secretary, Setiawangsa Kuala Lumpur. The conference was attended by 27 people. The conference starts at 9.00 pm to 11.00 pm. Moderator was Mr. Thai Ming Yeow Exco Malaysian Youth Council

Also present were Mr. Joha Jufitri MBM Vice President, Mr. Rizan Hassan Head of Information MBM, some people Exco MBM Ms. Zakiah Nor Azmi, Mr. Andrew Mohd Hassan, Mr. Izzat Mohd Afifi. It is also present Mr. Fei Men Chok Malaysian Buddhist Youth Association, Mr. S. Vinayagamurthi, Hindu Youth Organization and Ms. Michael Ng, Malaysian Buddhist Youth Association. Also attended by Mr. Hj. Shirajuddin Mr. Siraj Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA), Mr. Alizan Mahadi, Fellow, Technology, Innovation, Environment & Sustainability, Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS), Ms. Hanne Ockert-Axelsson, President AIESEC in Malaysia and Dato’ Terry Ong, National President JCIM.

Among the important content of the discussion are:

Mr. Hj. Shirajuddin Sirat, CEO of Malaysian Relief Agency
– Focus on humanitarian aid
– Engaged in providing training to MyCorp
– The basic requirements that must be met in order to carry out the exercise:
-Family and Career
– Religion plays a very important role in ensuring the well-being
-All religions teach for mutual assistance
-Lead the religious right and simple
– To achieve SDG, there should be ethical values (ethical values) and confidence (belief)


Mr. Alizan Mahadi, Fellow, Technology, Innovation, Environment & Sustainability,Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS)
– SDG is the connection of the Millennium Development Goals (2000-2015)
– Please see availability of state of the GDR
– 2 issues in the GDR:
-Good planning but implementation is weak
-Integration policy
– SDG includes three key components:
– SDG consists of 17 goals (goals) and 169 goals (targets)
– Each goal is associated with each other, then it is difficult to give preference to any specific goals.
– The biggest obstacle is the lack of ability (capacity)
– Youth can improve capabilities through:
-Awareness through education

-Communication – social media etc.
– ISIS can work with MBM in implementing SDG


Ms. Hanne Ockert-Axelsson, President AIESEC in Malaysia

-On Oct 2015, AIESEC has held a convention in Kota Kinabalu angtarabangsa to discuss the implementation of the GDR and the International President has agreed to implement the SDG in collaboration with student associations in all countries.
-He is the international representative in Malaysia, is reviewing and working with NGOs in Malaysia to implement SDG.
-One of the efforts is cooperation with JCIM


Ms. Nurul Huda, JCIM

– In December 2015, JCI has SDG give publicity to the general public through campaigns in Malaysia
– Involving the public, international organizations and local NGOs
– Please get the cooperation of MBM, KBS and affiliated bodies.
– JCIM focus on the goal 8: Employment and Economic Development Satisfactory
– Holding the principle of all human beings are equal (All Humans Are Equal)


Is the priority goals of their organizations?


Mr. Thai Ming Yeow, MBM

– As a developing country that is more developed, areas such as hunger, poverty still happening even in this country, it is not so critical in this country.
– Malaysia is rich in natural resources and biodiversity. So the fields related to the conservation of natural resources and the environment should be given attention.
– Developing countries are often the target of accusations of developed countries for industrial development contribute to high carbon emissions and pollution, pollution of the environment.
– According to the theory, the climatic conditions of the present time is the result of the process of industrialization and exploitation of natural resources 50 years ago. To avoid environmental and climate on earth from becoming worse, preventive measures should be implemented immediately. This requires the cooperation of everyone in this world. Political leaders in all countries should be committed to take action and not just a discussion.
– For a more advanced and easier to obtain food sources should reduce food wastage. It was found that the phenomenon of food waste in the country is getting serious.


Ms. Michael Ng, Malaysian Buddhist Youth Association

– Priorities in the field of education. The education system in the country is more pressing on academic achievement
– Educational services in Malaysia are now focused on financial gain priority (capitalism)
– It should be emphasized to those who have special needs such as the disabled, marginalized groups and so on. The education system in Malaysia is still less than satisfactory for this group.


Mr. S. Vinayagamurthi, Hindu Youth Organization

– Priority to aim 16th: Peace, Justice and Institutional Strengths
– Malaysia constitute a pluralistic society comprising various religious and ethnic groups. Unity and justice is very important to maintain harmony and stability so that it can continue to thrive.
– The programs of public awareness about the SDG must be implemented to startthe business.


Dato ‘Terry Ong, National President JCIM

– JCI focus on the goal 8: Employment and Economic Development Satisfactory
– In order to increase awareness among NGOs, government agencies and so on.
– JCI JCI Active Citizen has published Frameworkshops Handbook for influencingand empowering youths and citizens of Malaysia to take action to createsustainable solutions in the community.
– JCIM ready and open for cooperation with all NGOs. The Partnership Summit will be to create a coordinated effort.


How the method to get international funding for projects SDG?


Ms. Hanne, AIESEC Malaysia

– The provisions of:
-AIESEC local agencies

-CSR MNC like Petronas, Sime Darby
-Development Banks, Industry or Investment
– Competition for funding is very strong.Mr. Alizan Mahadi, ISIS
– United Nations Development Program (UNDP) plans to institutionalize SDG.Therefore, the fund is likely to be available in the future.


Mr. Fei Men Chok, Malaysian Buddhist Youth Association
– Social entrepreneurship can help organizations become more sustainable. Thus,cooperation between industry and NGOs should be enhanced.


Mr. S. Vinayagamurthi, Hindu Youth Organization
– There are constraints CSR industry rather than to SDG. Industrial less exposure to the SDG or SDG slow identification process led to the industry do not give priority to CSR SDG.


How to create a joint venture NGOs in SDG?


Dato ‘Ong Terry, JCIM

– Involving local communities
– Creating awareness through video clips and social media
Mr. Thai, MBM

– Constant communication with NGOs, agencies and civil societyMr. S. Vinayagamurthi, Hindu Youth Organization
– Strengthen the unity of ethnic and religious
– Train and create ambassadors SDG (SDG Ambassadors)


Mr. Alizan Mahadi, ISIS

– Initiating a dialogue with youth
– Delivers messages to and through policy.




No. Goals Matlamat
1. No Poverty Tiada Kemiskinan
2. Zero Hunger Sifar Kebuluran
3. Good Health and Well-being Kesihatan dan Kesejahteraan yang Baik
4. Quality Education Pendidikan Berkualiti
5. Gender Equality Kesamarataan Jantina
6. Clean Air and Sanitation Udara Bersih dan Sanitasi
7. Affordable and Clean Energy Tenaga Bersih dan Mampu Milik
8. Decent Work and Economic Growth Kerja dan Pembangunan Ekonomi yang Memuaskan
9. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure Inovasi Industri dan Infrastruktur
10. Reduce Inequalities Mengurangkan Ketidaksamarataan
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities Bandar dan Komuniti yang Mapan
12. Responsible Production and Consumption Pengeluaran dan Penggunaan yang Bertanggungjawab
13. Climate Action Tindakan Iklim
14. Life Below Water Hidupan di Bawah Air
15. Life on Land Hidupan di Darat
16. Peace Justice and Strong Institutions Keamanan, Keadilan dan Kekukuhan Institusi
17. Partnership for the Goals Perkongsian untuk Matlamat

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