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Reconciliation: Islam, democracy, and the West

Title:      Reconciliation: Islam, democracy, and the West
Categories:      Agama
No Perolehan:      000256
Authors:      Benazir Bhutto
ISBN:      9781847372734
Publisher:      Simon & Schuster
Publication date:      2008
Number of pages:      328
Language:      English
Rating:      0
Picture:      9781847372734_6cdac234
Description:      In Reconciliation, Bhutto recounts in gripping detail her final months in Pakistan and offers a bold new agenda for how to stem the tide of Islamic radicalism and to rediscover the values of tolerance and justice that lie at the heart of her religion. She speaks out not just to the West but also to the Muslims across the globe. Bhutto presents an image of modern Islam that defies the negative caricatures often seen in the West. After reading this book, it will become even clearer what the world has lost by her assassination.

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